I believe this work will greatly diminish, if not eliminate, any health issue. I have faith that if you want to be healed and are ready to heal, it will happen. I have worked on numerous health issues and have had successes with the majority of issues. Some of these include:

• clearing and releasing cancer cells (see Katie’s story)
• eliminating inflammation from every system in your body
• clearing acid reflux
• clearing and releasing cysts and fibroids
• releasing Parkinson’s disease
• releasing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
• releasing asthma
• eliminating leaky gut
• balancing organs and glands
• clearing intolerances and allergies
• clearing and releasing infections and parasites
• clearing and releasing hidden pathogens including Epstien-Bar virus and herpes virus
• correcting misalignments from every system in your body
• clearing blood in urine
• removing engine oil from pet hair

Hidden Pathogens

The majority of people and animals have one or more hidden pathogens. Hidden pathogens hide deep in the tissue and are able to reprogram cells to successfully evade the immune system. They are only found by specifically asking for them. Most people don’t realize they have hidden pathogens.

I have found so many health issues perpetuated by hidden pathogens including indigestion, heartburn, asthma, parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), ringing in the ears, weight gain, food intolerances and allergies. I’m sure the list goes on. I have worked on the above issues, releasing and clearing them over and over again only to find that they have returned. As long as the hidden pathogen exists, the issue will not go away.

I can easily clear and release all hidden pathogens and the disease or health issue being affected by them. Once they are all eliminated, I balance the body systems that were damaged by the hidden pathogens. Upon balancing the body systems 100%, most symptoms will disappear.

The Heart-wall

A Heart-wall is a phenomenon found by Dr. Nelson. It consists of trapped emotions resulting in an energetic wall around the heart. This wall is normally formed to protect the heart from these negative emotions and keep it from being hurt or broken. Over time, the wall creates feelings of isolation or numbness and can cause depression. The physical effects are numerous including heart disease, blood pressure problems, chest pain, neck and shoulder pain, upper back pain and lowered immunity among other issues.

The Heart-wall can be broken down easily, releasing emotions layer by layer. Most Heart-walls can be cleared in two to three sessions, although it will differ with each individual. Once the heart-wall is removed, people tend to give and recieve love easier and have a deeper connection with others. Many of the physical symptoms decrease as well.


Animals, just like people, can get trapped emotions as well as any other type of energy imbalance. Many animals have been mistreated or abused. Animals that end up in a shelter tend to have many emotional issues. The Body Code works equally as well on animals. Sometimes even better because animals don’t have preconceived ideas, which can end up as blocks, to their healing process. Animals are very sensitive, especially to energy. This is why they tend to respond very rapidly and positively to this work.

Discounts available for seniors and veterans.

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