Subtle Energies

Subtle Energies

For most people, the physical body is everything. What most people don’t realize however, is that the physical body is just a small piece of our existence. The physical body itself is energy, vibrating at such a slow pace that it appears solid. In addition to the physical body, each being also has many layers of subtle energies, within and outside of their physical body. These subtle energies vibrate at a higher rate, making it more difficult to see. Although these fast vibrating aspects of each being can’t be seen by most, quantum physics is proving their existence.

In the last several years, the majority of work I’ve been doing has been focused on the physical body. I had started to include work on the auras, chakras and meridians, because I knew these energetic aspects of a being were important and contributed to health issues. However, I didn’t know exactly what to work on and the wording to use. So I began doing some research into the energetic being.

What I found was the key to unlocking the mystery of being healthy and pain free. Through my research, I found the work of Barbara Ann Brennan. She is a healer, therapist, author and scientist, and a true pioneer in energy healing. She has a school of healing, established in 1982, teaching energetic healing. Through her experience, she has found that there are four major aspects of each being: the core star, the hara, the auras (or human energy field) and the physical body.

I use the Mind Field Repatterning process to heal and balance each of the four aspects listed above as well as a few other energetic areas I discovered that are important for healing and created a complete whole body process. This process is completed in one session. As each of us are all unique, the healing time will vary. It could take up to one month or possibly longer. This may seem like a long time. However, ill health doesn’t happen overnight. Healing doesn’t either!

With this work, all health issues are addressed. This includes physical, emotional and mental issues. The outcome results in the whole being becoming healthy and balanced.

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