Katie’s Story

Katie’s Story

Katie is a four year old cat my family adopted from the shelter about two years ago. She was a very angry cat from day one. She expressed anger toward our other cats as well as with me when I didn’t do what she wanted. Through dowsing, I found out she previously lived with someone who abused and tormented her. At the time she lived with this other person, she feared for her life. As I worked on her, I released many trapped emotions of anger, anxiety and fear.

Some time ago, she began having urinary infections. Each time, I cleared causes (usually trapped emotions) for these infections and cleared the infection. Over time, the occurrence of the infections increased until she was having them almost every day. Almost daily, I also worked on her kidneys. They simply would become imbalanced by the next day.

About this time, I dowsed a book which has many common diseases and ailments. I asked what was causing or contributing to her recurrent urinary infections and kidney imbalance. I was directed to the immune system and multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells. Normal plasma cells are found in the bone marrow and are an important part of the immune system. Upon researching multiple myeloma, I found that 1) it creates cancer cells in the bones, 2) it affects the immune system so it is unable to fight foreign invaders in the body and 3) it creates abnormal proteins which attack and damage the kidneys.

Upon dowsing, I found Katie had cancer cells in just about every bone in her body. Cancer cells, just like everything else in this universe, are just energy. I began clearing and releasing the cancer cells bone by bone as well as the abnormal proteins that were being created. It took many sessions to accomplish this. Once all of the cancer cells were released, the urinary infections stopped. I continued to work on her kidneys until all of the damage was released and they became 100% balanced.

Today, Katie’s health and demeanor have improved greatly. There have been no more urinary infections and her kidneys are healthy. For anyone questioning the authenticity about this story, just dowse or muscle test and ask the universe whether Katie had multiple myeloma and if she has it now. The universe knows the truth.

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