How It Works

How It Works

I use dowsing with distance healing when performing energy shifts.

Dowsing, also known as water witching or divining, is an ancient art form most commonly known for finding water, minerals and other objects. This traditional form of dowsing supplies quantitative or qualitative data as well as gives yes or no responses to questions asked. Through dowsing, subtle information can be accessed via changes in the energy field by way of the autonomic nervous system.

Energy shifts are accomplished using active dowsing. Active dowsing was made known by Raymon Grace and fellow dowsers. Using a pendulum and intention, energies can be ‘released’ and ‘brought into’ beings. By spinning a pendulum, a vortex is created. This vortex allows the energies to move, either into an energy field or away from an energy field.

Distance healing has been performed for centuries. Although mainstream medicine and most people do not believe in it, quantum science is now proving that it works. Energy healers simply learn and use processes that allow them to transfer and balance the energy of a being, whether the healing is done face to face or at a distance. Today, many energy healers do their energy healing at a distance.

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