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About Me

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Alison Nicodemo


I have a varied background from very technical to health related. I graduated and earned a bachelor of science degree in Information Systems Management. I became a licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Bowenwork Practitioner. I attended several anatomy and physiology classes. I am certified in the Emotion Code and the Body Code. I also studied an amazing process called Mind Field Repatterning.

Upon working with and studing the Body Code and Mind Field Repatterning for several years, I only use Mind Field Repatterning now. With this process, I have found a way to perform energy shifts which allow the body to heal quickly and efficiently.

Working on the whole being using this process has shown some amazing results! I wouldn’t continue doing this work and offering to work on anyone if I didn’t see the results for myself. I have done this work on my family, including all of our animals. I have seen the changes in every one of us.

My passion is to help you or your beloved furry friend heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Life is too short to live in pain or to have fears and anxiety. Let me help you or your animal friend heal to feel true joy and happiness.

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