This is a copy of my 3rd article published in Truly Alive magazine May/June issue.

Does Energy Healing Really Work?

by Alison Nicodemo, CBCP

My answer is YES! Here’s why: It is a fact that everything is energy AND it is always being exchanged between humans. So, since we are always exchanging energy, then surely, we can intentionally send positive energy and release negative energies to help someone heal. And, even scientists are proving its validity.

There is an energy field surrounding all living things. This can be beautifully seen by Kirlian photography. There are examples showing the energy field around human beings. However, a great example is that of a leaf taken off a living tree. The leaf was cut in half and the upper half discarded. A Kirlian photo was taken of the remaining half of the leaf. In the photograph, the entire shape of the leaf is intact.

The power of energy transference is well demonstrated in Masaru Emoto’s work. He spoke words, showed pictures and played music to water, then froze the water and photographed the resulting crystals. Positive words, pictures and music resulted in beautiful, balanced crystals. Whereas negative words, pictures and music resulted in ugly, distorted crystals.

In his article, A Review of the Scientific Evidence Supporting the Reality of Spiritual Healing, R. D. Hodges writes “Despite this simplicity of technique and the lack of any fully-substantiated mechanism describing how healing works, there has developed over recent decades a large body of anecdotal evidence – published in books, articles and similar sources – demonstrating the efficacy of spiritual healing in the treatment of a wide range of conditions.” Please see to read the entire article. I have also posted a number of links on a blog page on my website that will takeyou to numerous other studies.

My proof is in the results I have felt and seen. One example especially comes to mind. It is when our cat stopped having daily urinary infections after clearing her cancer. For details, please see Katie’s Story on my website.

Alison Nicodemo is a Certified Body Code Practitioner (CBCP). For more information, visit or call 505-340-6076.

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